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Personal Touch Technology, Inc. offers the following technology services:


Setup, Service and Repair                                                   Provides

 All Major Brands of Desktops,                           Offsite Back-ups

      Laptops & Servers                                        E-Mail & Website Hosting Design

Wired & Wireless Networks                                Remote Administration/Monitoring of

 Local & Wide Area Networks                                         Networks & Servers

 Remote Desktop Services                                 Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)

 Virtual Servers & Workstations



Standard Hourly Rate                                         $   90

Overtime Rate (6 PM to 6 AM)                           $ 135

Contract Rate                                                     $   80

Contract Overtime Rate  (major holidays)          $ 120


Maintenance Contract

· Contracts will be for a period of one year

· Payment schedule for contract can be monthly, quarterly or yearly

· Contracts will be invoiced in advance and must be prepaid

· Hours agreed upon for the contract will not expire until the end of the 12th month from contract signing

· After the total hours have been used, all other hours will be billed at the end of the month

· A detailed invoice will be mailed, or e-mailed at the end of the month

· Payment is due  by the 15th of each month unless prior arrangements have been made

· Fifteen days will be given to dispute any charges to the invoice

· All parts will be invoiced at the end of the month

·  We will monitor up to 5 servers to minimize downtime

· A program will be installed to notify us when monitored servers or services go down

· Contracts will be billed in blocks of 5 hour increments

· A master image of workstations and servers will be maintained

· We will monitor network status, check and maintain server logs

· We will comply with all HIPPA codes (all attempts will be made to fully comply with all codes that applies to our customers)


Priority will be given to customers with a contract unless another customer has an emergency, then priority will be given to the problem with the largest impact on the customer (we will consult with each customer first) if required, we will work whatever time is necessary to complete the job



Phone Support

· Fifteen minute increments will be billed for those businesses with a contract

Support for customers with no contract will be billed in 30 minute increments



 Support Services

· Support will be provided for network and network related problems

· Suggestions will be made to improve network reliability and to prevent downtime

· Support will be provided for any server system, workstations, switches and routers

· Support  will be provided for VPNs and wide area networks

· If requested, an overview of the network will be provided in hard copy or electronic format 

o        Server name and purpose

o        IP address of server and equipment

o        All passwords and security key

Any logons and passwords for websites



Remote Support

· Remote Access will be installed on any computer at  the clients request

· Clients must provide the administrator’s username and password  and must keep PTT up-to-date

Reasonable access must be provided to the network and passwords


Back-up Services (Extra Fee)

· Off site back-up services will be provided upon request

· Back-up software will be provided and is HIPAA compliant

· Files will be stored on an encrypted server

· Open files will be backed up

· Resumed failed back-ups

· Microsoft Exchange back-up

· Microsoft SQL

· Active Directory

· Advance Scheduling

· Data Compression

· Multiple Failsafe Redundancies on Back-up server (RAID 10)


Charges for offsite back-up (per month)

up to 5GB -$40

5-10 GB - $50

10-15 BG - $60

20-25GB - $70

25-30GB- $80

Personal Touch Technology, Inc.

2504 Suite E, Avalon Ave.

Muscle Shoals

Alabama 35661


Phone: (256) 322-1220